Cranford Controls

VXB LED Beacon 24Vdc

Product Overview

The VXB 24Vdc LED beacon is part of the VTG family of products designed for use with conventional fire alarm systems, including two wire (SAV-WIRE®) and other general 24Vdc applications. The beacon has been designed for maximum all-round visibility, coupled with low power consumption, utilising an array of energy-efficient LEDs.

The product is designed with particular consideration to system power demands and uniquely comes with two wiring configurations for standard and low power settings. The low current features of the product allow the installer to use a larger number of visual devices on a system and negates the need for additional power supplies.

A dual flash version is also available which has been specifically designed to meet the Svensk standard SS03 17 11.


  • Choice of red, amber, clear or blue colour lens
  • Shallow base IP43 and deep base IP65 versions available
  • Unique dual power wiring configuration for energy saving installation
  • Designed to work with both conventional and two-wire (SAV-WIRE┬«) systems
  • Dual flash beacon, designed to meet Svensk standard SS03 17 11, is available


Voltage Range (Vdc) 20 – 35
Number of Tones -20 to +70
Flash Rate c.1Hz
Monitoring Reverse polarity
Protection Rating IP43 (shallow) IP65 (deep)
Boxed Weight (kg) 0.145 (shallow) 0.165 (deep)
Body Colours Available Red or White (ABS fire retardant plastic)
Lens Colours Available Red, Amber, Clear or Blue



Setting Standard Low
Max. current consumption @ 24Vdc (mA) 5 3
Power consumption @ 24Vdc (mW) 120 72


Part Numbers

512-001 Red body, shallow base, red lens
512-003 Red body, deep base, red lens
512-002 White body, shallow base, red lens
512-004 White body, deep base, red lens

(other colour and base combinations are available, please refer to datasheet or price list for part numbers)