Cranford Controls

VTB-TM 24 Volt 32 Tone Combi Interrupt – IS3218-2009

Product Overview

The new revision of Irish Standard IS3218-2014 now specifies that in buildings which are not permanently manned, any external sounder shall automatically silence after a period of 15 minutes, leaving any visual indicator associated with the entrance, or acting as guidance to the location of the control panel to continue to operate.With this in mind, the VTB Combi Interrupt has been designed with all the standard VTB features with the added capability of a 15 minute time out on the sounder, fully complying with the updated standard.

This product can easily be retro-fitted in place of a VTG sounder on existing systems without the need for additional power supply considerations. This is especially beneficial where the Equalities Act calls for visual indication. The tone and volume are selected via DIL switches on the PCB. If required, the use of a third wire enables a second stage alarm to be switched in to override that selected tone. Standard on all VTB products is a universal locking system. Using an industry standard grub screw, VTB products may be locked into place, making VTB also fully compliant with the latest requirements of EN 54 standards.


Sound Level Low Med High
Sound Output @ 1 metre (Tone 1)  88dBa 103dBa 109dBa
Current Consumption @ 24Vdc <11mA <19mA <37mA
Voltage Range 18 – 35Vdc
Number of Tones 32
Operating Frequency 440Hz to 2900Hz
IP Rating IP65
Temperature Range – 20°C to + 70°C
Flash Rate c. 1Hz
Weight (per unit packed) 258g


Part Numbers

511-090L VTB spatial sounder/beacon, 24v, 32 tone, red body, red lens, deep base c/w 30 minute time out facility.