Cranford Controls

VSL Base Sounder/Beacon 24Vdc Sounder

Product Overview

The VSL base sounder beacon is for use with conventional fire alarm systems, including two wire (SAV-WIRE®). It is designed to accept most leading detector bases and offers a cost-effective solution to sounder and beacon installation. The low profile combination is supplied with 32 tones, along with a two-stage alarm override which is activated by a third negative wire from the fire panel. The unique and highly visible beacon provides a neat and effective mounting solution in a single product.

All tones have been selected to comply with the latest sound patterns and frequencies used throughout the world.

When a detector is not fitted to the sounder a blank cover plate is available so that the unit can be used as a standalone sounder beacon combination.


  • 32 tones plus a selectable override tone
  • Switch selectable volume control
  • Designed to work with both conventional and two-wire (SAV-WIRE®) system
  • White or red cover plate sold separately
  • Excellent 360 degree visibility of the high performance beacon
  • Designed to accept most leading detector bases
  • Ideally suited for DDA applications


Voltage range (Vdc) 18 – 30 
Number of tones 32
Operating frequency (Hz) 440 – 2900
Temperature range (C°)  -20 to +70
Monitoring Reverse polarity
Protection rating IP21C
Boxed weight (kg) 0.27
Body colours avaliable White or Ivory (ABS Fire Retardent Plastic)
Lens colours available Clear (red LEDs), Red, Amber and Blue



Volume Setting High Med Low
Sound output, typical (dBA) 94.8 91 88.5
Sound output, anechoic chamber (dBA) 90.9 87 84.4
Sound output, reverberation chamber (dBA) 110.8 107.6 105.1
Max. current consumption @ 24Vdc (mA) 17.2 14.9 2.9
Power consumption @ 24Vdc (mW) 419 358 310


Part Numbers

509-001 White body, 32 tone, clear lens (red LED)
509-003 White body, 32 tone, red lens
509-005 White body, 32 tone, amber lens
509-007 White body, 32 tone, blue lens
507-006 White cover plate *
507-030 Red cover plate

* approved part number 116-009