Cranford Controls

VPR Spatial Sounder 230Vac

Product Overview

The VPR 32 tone sounder is a flexible high output 110- 230Vac sounder designed for applications where mains powered sounder is required. The sounder comes with a suite of 32 tones to cover most applications including fire, security and general industrial and for use as a wide-open area sounder. The tones include a wide range of sound patterns and frequencies compatible with international requirements. Please note, installation is not recommended in chilled areas.

Tones are selected via a DIL switch. By using three wires, a second stage alarm may be switched so that the continuous tone will override the tone selected.

Supplied with its own mounting base that comes with marker points for drilling industry-standard M20 PG gland entries to maintain the product’s IP integrity. Cables can be entered from the rear or side for surface and flush wiring options.

This product does not require an earth connection as each device has its own transformer and de-coupling between mains frequencies.


  • 32 tones
  • deep base IP65 as standard
  • no earth connection required
  • extremely easy to fit and commission
  • variable volume control
  • features base locking system as standard


Voltage Range (Vac) 230/110 +/- 10%
Number of Tones 32
Operating Frequency (Hz) 440 – 2850
Temperature Range (°C) -20 to +70
Protection Rating IP65
Boxed Weight (kg) 0.295
Body Colours Available Red or White (ABS fire retardant plastic)



Sound Output, Typical (dBA) 107
Sound Output, Anechoic Chamber (dBA)
Sound Output, Reverberation Chamber (dBA)
Max. Current Consumption (mA) 12
Power Consumption @ 230Vac (W) 2.76


Part Numbers

505-019 Red Body, 32 Tone
505-020 White Body, 32 Tone