Cranford Controls

Transformer Isolated Barriers

Product Overview

The range of Pepperl & Fuchs isolated barriers that we offer are available to suit most applications for interfacing fire detectors onto conventional and addressable systems as well as driving IS sounders/beacons. Each barrier has been tested and certified so that over voltage on the primary (safe) side of the transformer cannot release energy across the winding to the secondary (hazardous) winding of the transformer.

The use of transformer isolated barriers combined with sounders means that installers may wire both detectors and sounders/beacons with no requirement for an intrinsically safe earth, making for a more simplified and cost-effective approach to hazardous areas.

Din rail enclosures are available to suit the requirements of each barrier interface.


  • Enclosure rating is IP65 sealed
  • No intrinsically safe ground required
  • Suitable for conventional intrinsically safe and addressable products


Part Number KFDO-SD2-EX1.1045 JBA-1EX XP95BARR
Application IS Sounders / Beacons Conventional Detectors / Call Points Addressable Detectors / Call Points
Protocol N/A
Nominal Voltage 24 Vdc From Translator
Enclosure Type ENC-03 ENC-04
Max No. of Barriers 5
Enclosure IP Rating IP65
Weight (Per Unit Packed) 96g 113g 117g


Part Numbers

305-003 KFDO-CS-SD2-Ex1.1045 Galvanic Barrier
305-001 KFDO-CS-EX1.51P Barrier
305-002 KFDO-CS-EX1.54 Barrier
501-002 Enclosure, Includes 1 x 35mm DIN Rail (ENC-03)
501-001 Enclosure, Includes 2 x 35mm DIN Rail (ENC-04)