Cranford Controls

Single / Double Pole Call Points

Product Overview

The Cranford Controls Manual Reset Call Points are designed to mimic the feel of a break glass, whilst offering the user the benefits and environmental advantages of a resettable operating element. The Reset Manual Call Points are available with either single or double pole change over contacts that can be wired to suit a variety of applications and are safe to use in areas such as food processing plants and leisure centres where glass cannot be used.

As the units can be simply reset, they provide an ideal solution for areas that suffer from a high number of false activations such as schools, shopping centres along with a variety of other public places. The waterproof versions are designed for use within harsh environments such as oil rigs, ships, factories, as well as wash down areas that are sensitive to the presence of broken glass.

The dual mount variants are provided with surface mount back box and flush mount wall plate as standard.


  • Single or Double Pole changeover versions available.
  • Waterproof models available – tested IP67.
  • Extremely attractive, high value look and feel; glass appearance maintains operator deterrence, whilst a visible warning flag confirms activation.
  • Easy installation- no glass element that could be broken or incorrectly fitted.
  • Low profile, heavy-duty terminations.
  • Optional integral cover can be fitted to prevent accidental activation.
  • Complete functional test with every activation.


Surface Mounted 20mm knock out conduit entry points
Operating Temp -20°C (-4°F) TO 65°C (149°F)
Dimensions Height (mm) Width (mm)  Depth (mm)
Flush (indoor) 87 87 23
Surface (indoor) 87 87 58
Waterproof 90 89 71


Part Numbers

308-115 Red SPCO Flush and Surface Mount
308-227 Blue SPCO Flush and Surface Mount
308-225 Orange SPCO Flush and Surface Mount
308-104 Green SPCO Flush and Surface Mount
308-142 Yellow SPCO Flush and Surface Mount with ‘Gas Release’ text
308-226 White SPCO Flush and Surface Mount with ‘ Panic Alarm’ text
308-154 Reset Integral Polycarbonate Cover- no text
308-143 Green DPCO Flush and Surface with ‘Running Man’ logo