Cranford Controls

FIRERAY 50/100 Reflective Beam Detector

Product Overview

FIRERAY® 50/100R reflective beam smoke detector system comprises of a single unit incorporating an infrared
transmitter and receiver. The signal is reflected by a prism and analysed for smoke presence. Should a predetermined
level be reached, a fire condition is activated. The system is designed to be mounted so that the beam will project
between 0.3 and 0.6 metres below a parallel to the ceiling.

Lateral detection may be up to 7.5 metres either side of the beam. With its single compact housing, the reflective beam
detector can operate over a distance of 50 metres or 100 metres, depending on model selected.


  • Worldwide approvals including EN54 part 12 and UL268
  • Two options available; 5-50 metres and 50-100 metres
  • Automatic self check drift compensation
  • LED indicators to aid the alignment process
  • Easy installation/alignment and low current consumption


Voltage range 12 – 24Vdc ± 10%
Current consumption 4mA (quiescent) 14mA (alarm)
Temperature range (°C) -30 to +55
Protection rating IP50

Operating range (model dependant)

Part Numbers

50m, reflective beam detector with prism 307-001
100m, reflective beam detector with prism 307-002
Prism 307-004