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Enclosures for Barriers

Product Overview

A matching range of enclosures is also available to suit the requirements of each barrier interface. The first enclosure, ENC-03, can accommodate up to five conventional JBA-1EX barriers. The ENC-03 enclosure is designed to house transformer-isolated barriers for conventional fire detectors and IS sounders and beacons. These barriers do not require intrinsically safe earth and are ideal for interfacing intrinsically safe approved devices.

The ENC-04 enclosure contains two 35mm DIN rails to accommodate both transformer barriers on one rail and loop translators on the other, resulting in the correct creepage and clearance distances being maintained between hazardous and hazardous terminals. Both types of the enclosures and associated intrinsically safe barriers should be mounted in a safe, non-hazardous area.


  • All intrinsically safe (blue) terminals should be mounted at the top of the enclosure. From these terminals wire into the hazardous area and connect to the appropriate approved device.
  • Wire out from the top of the enclosure. Safe area wiring should be wired into the enclosure from the bottom.
  • Both enclosures are delivered complete with a hazardous equipment label which should be fixed to the front of the
    enclosure on installation.


Part No. ENC-03 ENC-04
Application Ideal for use with protocol translators
35mm T-S Din Rails 1 2
IP Rating IP65
Max Number of Barriers 5
Weight (per unit packed) 2.12kg 2.16kg

Please refer to DS058 for information on Barriers

Part Numbers

501-002 Enclosure, Includes 1 x 35mm DIN Rail (ENC-03)
501-001 Enclosure, Includes 2 x 35mm DIN Rail (ENC-04)