Cranford Controls

DRG Decorative Door Retainers

Product Overview

The DRG decorative door retainers are available in a bright chrome, lacquered brass or stainless steel finish.

Each unit features a spring loaded release pin mounted centrally within the electromagnet ensuring that on power off the fire door is pushed safely and effectively away from the keeper plate.

If surface mount is required a matching decorative back box
kit is available separately.


  • Chrome, brass and stainless steel
  • 112N version as standard, available in dc only
  • Supplied complete with matching decorative keeper plate
  • Manual release button
  • Matching decorative surface mount kit available


Supply Voltage (+/- 10%) 24Vdc 230Vac
Nom. Current Consumption (mA) 50 12
Rated Holding Force (newtons) 200
Maximum Holding Force (newtons) 250
Protection Rating IP51
Material Fabricated Steel
Boxed Weight (kg) 0.50


Part Numbers

302-053 24Vdc, 112N, chrome housing
302-058 24Vdc, 112N, brass housing
302-098 24Vdc, 112N, stainless steel housing
302-086 230Vac, 112N, chrome housing
302-087 230Vac, 112N, brass housing
302-102 230Vac, 112N, stainless steel housing
302-035 Chrome surface mounting kit
302-036 Brass surface mounting kit
302-101 Stainless steel surface mounting kit