Cranford Controls

Door Retainer Accessories

Product Overview

We offer a range of accessories suitable for use with your choice of door retainer.

Keeper plate options are; the standard KP-02 unit for use with up to 200N magnets complete with a rubber washer to allow setting of desired angle and our DRF-C metal keeperplate which comes with 1 metre of chain that can be cut to length.

A floor mounting bracket is also available for mounting our DRW wall mounted version to a floor.

A 2 or 4 amp transformer rectifier is available for all dc applications, providing dc output for switching of the door retainer circuit via an automatic fire alarm system.


  • KP-02 standard keeper plate
  • FMB-02 floor mounting bracket
  • DRF-C keeper plate with 1 metre of chain
  • 200 transformer rectifier, 2 or 4 amp versions

Part Numbers

302-007 Keeper Plate, for use with 200N units only
302-005 Keeper Plate and Chain, 1 metre