Cranford Controls

Detector Test Equipment

Product Overview

• Access poles are used with interchangeable heads that fit onto the end of the pole.
• The equipment is suitable for use on a wide range of detectors.
• Poles are telescopic, nonconductive, toughened fibreglass.
• Light weight and simple to use.

Part Numbers

Telescopic pole – 6 metre 204-0001
Extension pole – 1.3 metre 204-0002
Universal detector removal tool 204-0003
Aerosol Smoke Dispenser 204-0004
Heat detector tester – cordless (head only) 204-0017
Smoke detector test set – 8.2 metre 204-0009
Smoke detector test set – 6.7 metre 204-0010
Smoke & cordless heat test set – 4.5 metre 204-0018
250ml can of smoke (test set use only) 204-0014
150ml can of smoke (hand held) 204-0015
Can of smoke for CO detectors (test set use only) 204-0020
Battery Baton for Cordless Tester 204-0021