Cranford Controls

Alert Point

Product Overview

The Alert Point is an aesthetically pleasing, robust, stand-alone alarm system, designed to cover a wide variety of applications and is supplied complete with an integral sounder, re-settable call point and anti-tamper switch to prevent unauthorised removal.

Manufactured from a tough polycarbonate, the Alert Point is designed for use in industrial, commercial and retail applications and can be used in such diverse applications as construction sites, car parks, churches, and holiday parks. Available in a variety of colours, the Alert Point has many uses such as Fire, Intruder, Panic, Evacuation, Assist, General alarm or any situation where an alarm is needed.

When activated the Alert Point emits a 102 dB(A) alarm, activates a drop-down flag and operates the built-in LED. Any externally connected devices will also be activated. The Alert Point is reset using a special key, ensuring that the unit is quickly back in operation. An override facility can silence the alarm until the Alert Point is reset by the appropriate authorised person.

Alert Point units can be interconnected to provide a network of devices. An optional 12/24Vdc, external power connection is incorporated into the Alert Point to support external devices such as sounders and beacons. With an easy, 4 screw, wire-free installation, the Alert Point is the ideal solution for establishments that have a requirement for a simple, but effective alarm system.


  • Self-contained alarm system with no wiring.
  • Robust polycarbonate housing.
  • Tone selection.
  • Low battery warning, provides a 15-month stand-by life.
  • Can be linked to sounders, beacons, call points and detectors.
  • Available in a choice of colours.

Part Numbers

404-001 STI Alert Point, Red with House on Fire Label

All of STI’s range of  Alert products are available. For further information, please contact the Cranford Controls sales team.