Cranford Controls

Agrippa Door Closer Unit

Product Overview

The Agrippa Door Closer unit is an innovative, wire free product which is ideally suited to environments such as care homes, schools and hospitals, where fire doors are typically left in the open position to aid access and traffic flow. The Agrippa Door Closer unit provides the necessary independent control to close fire doors in the event of a developing fire situation.

The Agrippa Door Closer unit is easy to install without cables, making it an ideal solution for both new and retrofit installations. During the fitting process, the Agrippa Door Closer unit learns to responds specifically to the sound of the fire alarms’ warning devices, not just any loud noise, which helps to significantly reduces false activations.

The Agrippa Door Closer unit is powered by 2x “C” cell batteries lasting up to 12 months and can be programmed for daily timed release. Adjustable closure speeds makes the Agrippa Door Closer unit suitable for installations that comply to the BS 7273-4:2015 Code of practice. The Agrippa Door Closer unit also includes a seven segment LED display, manual release button and a low battery warning display as standard.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides easy access and traffic flow.
  • Makes light work of moving heavy fire doors.
  • Battery powered with easy, cable-free installation with no disruption to buildings or decoration.
  • Reduces false activations through ‘listen and learn’ technology.
  • “Swing-free” mode.


Battery Operated (Includes 2 x “C” Cell Batteries)
L 463mm x W 71mm x D 76mm
Holding Angle 65 – 105 Degrees
Conforms to EN1155 and EN1154
CE Marked
EMC Approved


Part Numbers

302-116 Agrippa Door Closure Unit – Standard
302-129 Agrippa Door Closure Unit – Black
302-130 Agrippa Door Closure – Polished Brass
302-031 Agrippa Door Closure – Brushed Stainless Steel
302-132 Agrippa Door Closure – Polished Chrome