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Agrippa Acoustic Digital Pillow Alarm

Product Overview

The Agrippa Acoustic Digital Pillow Alarm is an innovative, wire free product which is ideally suited to environments such as hotels, hospitals, residential elderly care and other sleeping risks, where it is necessary to provide the independent control to alert the deaf or hard of hearing in the event of a developing fire situation.

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is easy to install, without cables, using a vibrating pad which fits under any pillow, making it an ideal solution for both new and retrofit installations. The Agrippa Pillow Alarm learns to respond specifically to the sound of the fire alarm’s warning devices, not just any loud noise, which helps to significantly reduces false activation.

The Agrippa Pillow Alarm, powered by 4 x”AA” batteries, vibrates the pillow pad and flashes during a fire condition, as well as providing visual confirmation on the LED screen. As The Agrippa Pillow Alarm is compact and easy to move from room to room, it provides the flexibility needed to help establishments fulfill their obligations under the Equality Act.


  • Stylish bedside design.
  • Easily portable.
  • Built in clock and wake up alarm.
  • Battery powered with easy, cable -free installation and no disruption to buildings or decoration.
  • Reduces false activation through the ‘listen and learn’ technology
  • Flashing white LEDs visual warning
  • Two pre-set trigger levels
  • LCD back light display
  • Visual low battery warning


Battery Operated 4 x AA Batteries
Dimensions L 120mm x W 120mm x D 90mm
Approvals White Body Colour CE Marked & EMV Approved
Weight 380 grams


Part Numbers

405-001 Agrippa Digital Pillow Alarm