Cranford Controls

300 Series Power Supply Units

Product Overview

The 300 series power supplies are specifically designed for use with 24v conventional and addressable fire control panels.

Batteries with a supply voltage greater than 18v are needed to activate the charging circuit. Batteries are monitored continuously to ensure and communicate an adequate state of charge. A fault condition is given via the volt free contacts.

The units feature a green LED to indicate mains present and an amber LED to indicate a fault. Each unit is supplied within a sturdy metal enclosure with a hinged lid and have been designed for rapid installation.


  • 1, 2, 3 and 5 amp versions available
  • For use with lead acid rechargeable batteries
  • The units are factory adjusted to provide a 27.6Vdc output
  • Large enclosure units available to hold 2 x 17Ah batteries
  • Batteries not supplied


Type 1 Amp 2 Amp 3 Amp 5 Amp
Supply Voltage 230 Vac + 10-15% @ 50Hz
Load Output @ 27.6 Vdc 0.5A 1.5A 2.5A 4.5A
Battery Recharge Time 80% Capacity – 24 Hours
Temperature Range (°C) -10 to +40
Relative Humidity Up to 95%
Boxed Weight (kg) 3.99 4.66 5.56 5.58


Part Numbers

303-001 1 Amp, Housing Takes 2 x 7Ah Batteries
303-008 1 Amp, Housing Takes 2 x 17Ah Batteries
303-002 2 Amp, Housing Takes 2 x 7Ah Batteries
303-004 3 Amp, Housing Takes 2 x 7Ah Batteries
303-006 5 Amp, Housing Takes 2 x 7Ah Batteries