Cranford Controls

200 Transformer Rectifier Units 24Vdc

Product Overview

The 200 series unregulated transformer rectifiers are suitable for powering a range of field devices and are ideal for use with the Cranford door retainers. The units contain an internal relay allowing the load output to be switched off upon the actuation of an EXTERNAL contactor or the application of 24Vdc. On power off the load output is automatically cut off, making it ideal for fail-safe door retaining applications.


  • 2 and 4 amp versions available
  • Features a green LED to indicate mains present
  • Features an amber LED to indicate a fault


Type 2 Amp 4 Amp
Supply Voltage 230 Vac + 10-15% @ 50Hz
Output Voltage 22-30 Vdc Dependent on Load
Boxed Weight (kg) 2.9 3.38


Part Numbers

304-001 2 Amp, Housing Measures 230x205x80mm
304-002 4 Amp, Housing Measures 230x205x80mm