Cranford Controls

Isolator Switches

Product Overview

Our range of Fire Alarm Mains Isolator Switches provides a safe means to isolate the mains voltage to the fire alarm system and to ensure compliance with BS 5839-1: 2002. The isolator includes a neon indicator and ‘FIRE ALARM. DO NO SWITCH OFF’ text.

Supplied as either a plastic flush or surface mount or a metal clad surface mount version


Nominal Operating Voltage 230Vac
Switch Contact Rating Double Pole – 250Vac, 13A
Enclosure Material Metal Polycarbonate
Mounting Surface Flush Surface
Key Type Fishtail (supplied with the product)
Dimensions (w x h x d, mm) 86 x 77.5 x 44 86 x 86 x 25 86 x 86 x 42
Environmental Protection Internal use only, not for outside applications
Weight (per unit packed) 289g 117g 185g

Part Numbers

513-002 Mains isolator switch, metal clad, surface mount.
513-001 Mains isolator switch, surface mount.
513-003 Mains isolator switch, flush mount.